Electrilinked Beta 0.2.0 update

Electrilinked has been updated. Now it’s finally out of the Alpha phase.


The first Beta release is here.

The software development cycle is made out of a few “stages”. Alpha means it’s early in the development, and Beta means it’s still in development, but it’s much closer to the final product. (More information about the subject can be found in the Wikipedia article, “Software release life cycle”.)


New achievements system.

Google Play Games support is currently scrapped because of some issues I’ve ran into, and its unreliability on platforms other than Android.

Instead of GPGS, I’ve created my own achievements system for Electrilinked. It’s not done yet, for example, you can’t see the achievement list. Also there is just two achievements for now: The first success, and the first failure.

But at least it actually works, unlike Google Play Games, so go try it out!