Electrilinked Beta 0.2.2 update

Achievements system is now 100% working.


Achievements page is now usable.

In the previous update, the new achievements system was added but you could not actually see the achievements you have collected / yet to collect. But now, you can finally see all of them in one page.

(The left one is unlocked and the right one is locked.)



Now every square has shadows, which looks a lot nicer in my opinion.

But if you don’t like them, you can turn them off using a switch in the main menu.


Minimal graphic overhaul

Some of the sprites were looking a bit too simplistic. So, I have spent 2 minutes in Photoshop and made them look nicer.

(⌃ This is the new one.)(⌃ This is the old one.)

Also, I finally got rid of that ugly green background and replaced it with something much nicer.