Electrilinked Beta 0.2.5/0.2.6 update

New levels, cosmetic changes and bugfixes.

New levels

Five more levels have been added. Now the total level count is 30. I know this is not a drastic change, but you can be sure that more will follow.


Colour changes

Some pages and menus had the same exact colour with some objects, which made them very hard to differentiate between. Now some colours have been changed.

Such a small change, but it was very important in my opinion. It’s not perfect, but I will be sure to stay on this topic more than I did before.



All of the features above this part was added in the 0.2.6 update. 0.2.5 was a quick update that included important bugfixes. 0.2.6 has some fixes too, but a lot of things have been changed since 0.2.4, especially with 0.2.5. So be sure to update!