Electrilinked RC 0.3.0 update

Electrilinked is about to go gold!

What is RC?

A release candidate (RC), also known as “going silver”, is a beta version with potential to be a final product, which is ready to release unless significant bugs emerge.

(Wikipedia article “Software release life cycle“)

Basically, this means the game is about to be released, and it is almost out of Beta.

The game now has enough levels and features to be considered as “final product” but major bugs can still be found as it’s not 100% tested and approved yet. The game can see drastic changes and completely new features in the meantime.


Where did the WiFi mode go?

It’s now hidden as it’s very unstable. But don’t worry, you can still enable it by pressing the version identifier text at the very bottom of the main menu 20 times. Then, you can disable it again by going into the WiFi menu and pressing the disable text.


Android version download from Google Play

Windows version download from GameJolt