Selling Out?

As of the newest version of Electrilinked, the game has in-app purchases.



No, it’s not like that. You can purchase the Plus version for a small amount of money, and it unlocks extra levels. More of these extra levels are going to be added with updates. The free main game is going to be updated as well, the Plus version is an extra.

Also, the Plus version is only in the mobile version of Electrilinked at the moment, because there isn’t a seamless and possible way of implementing microtransactions into an indie PC game.


How many more is on the way?

This is the only in-app purchase Electrilinked is going to have. Plus version will cover everything. For example, if I decide to add ads in the game, the Plus version will remove them.


This is making me nervous.

Don’t worry. I have no intention to turn Electrilinked into a game that has a screaming cartoon face as its icon. Electrilinked is a free game, and it will stay as a free game, not just an empty shell that can be filled with constant microtransactions. I’m going to make sure you can enjoy playing Electrilinked even without spending any money.


What are your standards then?

My standards for a free-to-play mobile game are:

  • It mustn’t shove microtransactions up your rear end. Enough said.
  • It mustn’t show full-screen video ads every single time you lose.
  • It must have enough free content that can be classified as a standalone game alone.

Basically, when I download a game, I expect a GAME, not just an empty shell. I’m really upset about people thinking of crappy Clash of Clans and Candy Crush Saga clones when they think of mobile gaming. I’m not blaming gamers at all, because there are lots and lots of absolute shovelware in the Android Play Store and Apple App Store. And that is the part that makes me upset. I have no intention of turning Electrilinked into one of those games. I’m not saying Electrilinked is a very high quality game and is the staple of mobile gaming, no. Of course it’s not. But I try to be respectful to my playerbase as a person. I would feel like crap if someone had invested time and data plan into downloading my game and received a Bejeweled clone that is filled to the brim with microtransactions.

Thank you for playing Electrilinked and have a nice day.


Android version download from Google Play

Windows version download from GameJolt