Electrilinked RC 0.3.10 update

The newest Electrilinked update adds Plus levels on the PC, menu and general animation optimizations and new levels.


Link your Plus purchase on Android to PC

Plus levels are now available on the PC version, but there is not a practical way of adding in-app purchases on PC. So, I have created an alternative way of doing that.

To play the Plus version on PC, you need to have the Plus version on the Android version.

  1. Go to the Extra Levels menu on the PC, click Purchase, and then Enter Code.
  2. On your Android device, open the Extra Levels, and purchase it if you haven’t already.
  3. On Android, when you have entered the extra level list, click on the Link to PC button at the bottom left corner. This will give you a personal code.
  4. Enter your personal code on the PC version and click OK.


The new Settings button

This new button available on the main menu shows you extra buttons that lets you,

  1. Enable/disable shadows.
  2. Change the control scheme.
  3. Reset your progress.

This is a way to simplify the main menu.


The new Credits button

This new button, also available on the main menu, lets you see the credits. Yaay!


New levels

Five new levels are available in this version. Although I haven’t updated this blog in a long time, so, many more levels have been added since the latest update changelog.


Animation and bug fixes

Some parts of the game were missing animations that other parts had. So, I have finally changed that. Bugfixes are what they are. Very important, but not very interesting.


Android version download from Google Play

Windows version download from GameJolt