Electrilinked Terms of Service

This page has been superseded. The new page is:


I’m going to make this very short and sweet, so please read carefully.

Google (or pretty much everyone else) doesn’t like you when you abuse the level editor function in Electrilinked. So please, do not draw crap (harmful symbols/words) and send that level to anyone with the level editor function in Electrilinked. Please do not draw swastikas. Not even as a joke. And, pretty much goes without saying, do not write vulgar words or hate messages and send them as attacks on someone.

Also, do not share modded, hacked .apk files of Electrilinked.

And remember, if you dare to break any of these rules, I will tell uncle Google about your pathetic actions, so get ready to get shamed on my… google plus page, I guess…… I mean, now Google+ is deleted, so … I don’t even know, okay?

(Also, I can change this page whenever I think it’s necessary to.)