Our other products

Despite what this blog said up until this point, Sodiumworks currently has four products other than Electrilinked. I would like to share them with you right now:

1. Convertset

According to a report that I just read on the most valuable and dependable source on the planet (my Facebook feed), Convertset is the greatest video/audio converter program ever made. Believe me, you never have seen a converter program this nice.

Just look at it. It’s glorious! Totally not something that I hastely put together in Photoshop in a few minutes.

But seriously, Convertset may not be the most feature-packed converter program ever made, but my aunt managed to use it to successfully convert something, so I would say that it is the most easy to use converter program ever made. Well, at least my aunt has ever used.


2. RUWA!

I have a love/hate relationship with Windows 10, and I’m sure that many of you out there can explain their complicated relationship with Windows 10 like that as well. And a big portion of this bitterness comes from the bullcrap bloatware that Windows 10 throws at you.

This is where RUWA! (Remove Unnecessary Windows Apps) comes into play.

No body likes PHONE COMPANION. Even Microsoft has given up on Windows Phone, so why would we have to see this app everytime we open our Start menus. And, don’t forget that a lot of these apps are not uninstallable through traditional means.

So, just download RUWA, and let it DESTROY everything (bloatware) in its path!


3. Android Backup Manager

This is a relatively simple app. Basically, every Android phone has a feature called “adb backup”, but it’s hidden under so many menus and command line tools it’s insane.

This feature is not that dependable and I think it should only be used to have a piece of mind, but it’s also about the only way to create backups of Android phones without rooting or flashing custom software.


4. Materialive

This is a very simple Android live wallpaper that has solid colours that change every 10 seconds. It’s easy on your eyes and looks cool, and that’s about it. It’s kind of an experimental project I did.

Download from Google Play