Electrilinked Help

How to activate Electrilinked Plus on PC

Electrilinked is free, but the Plus version includes some goodies like being able to create your own levels, or play extra levels etc. However, doing in-app-purchases on PC is very difficult, and you probably need to use a subsystem like Steam, otherwise, my own solution would have been very inconvenient. However, on Android, in-app-purchases are extremely easy, so I decided to make a system where you first purchase it on Android, and then you link it to your computer. With this method, the activation is quick and easy, and you don’thave to buy it again just to play it on a different platform.

However, the only downside is you need an Android device, or an emulator, to activate Plus.


Getting Started

What you’ll need:

1x Windows computer (running it with WINE is possible) that can run Electrilinked

1x Android device (or emulator) that can run Electrilinked

Internet connectivity with access to Google and Sodiumworks servers.

Your dad’s credit card (just kidding don’t do that)


1/ Search “Electrilinked” in Google Play Store on your Android device, and install it.




2/ Select “Extra Levels” or “Level Editor” to bring up the purchase screen.




3-/ After clicking Purchase and buying it, go back to the main menu. A new button will be added.





4-/ Click on “Activate Plus On PC” and get your linking code.




5-/ On your PC, enter the same Purchase screen, except this time it will ask for your code.




6-/ Enter your linking code and click OK. After that, you can enjoy Plus on your computer!

Please keep in mind that your linking code won’t last forever, it is just a code that is given to you temporarily. While entering it will enable Plus on your computer, if you need to activate it again after a period of time, you will have to repeat this process to get a new linking code. I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but this method keeps people from sharing their codes online.

And if you’re thinking about pirating Electrilinked Plus, just contact me and if you can explain yourself (perhaps you don’t have a credit card and your parents decline to put their credit card numbers on the internet) I may just give you a free license/Google Play voucher.

Thank you for playing Electrilinked and if you have any questions, problems, or anything in general, please visit: