Electrilinked Help

Electrilinked Cloud Save Backups

Electrilinked has cloud save backups. They are free and unlimited (until I run out of storage), they are compatible with both the Windows PC and Android platforms, and they are absolutely amazing. Let me show you how it works.

1. Press “save sync” on the main menu.


2. Press “yes” to accept the Sodiumworks privacy policy.Screenshot_Electrilinked_20180922_142558_01

3. Press “upload save” or “download save”.

To upload, after pressing “upload save”, wait for this message to appear.

After pressing OK, you will get your save code. Save this code somewhere, because you will need it to download your save.

To download your save, after pressing “download save”, you will get this message. Enter your save code and press OK.

After pressing OK, wait for this message to appear. When it does, press OK, and then close and reopen the game. Your save file will be restored.


Yeah, I know what you’re going to say, “Why can’t I just sign up to something to do all these, just like, you know, any other game on the face of the internet?”, and I get what you’re saying. It would have been amazing to just have some account system that allowed you to see all of your save files in one place and restore them easily without having to copy/paste some pre-generated code. But in my defense, I’m just some lazy-ass teenager who doesn’t actually know that much about web development. So, as long as it works, I’m calling it a win. It still has some perks over some other games, like being able to transfer your saves to other platforms.

And, you know, it’s still better than Nintendo’s cloud backup system. (ooooOOOOOHHHHHH)