Electrilinked PR 0.4.0 update

We are in the Pre-Release land now! … does “pre release” come after “release candidate”?


Electrilinked is pretty much ready for release, but I have very low self-esteem, and I have already postponed the 1.0.0 update for this long, so… I think it’s close, but I think there’s still some places to iron out, so Pre-Release it is.

That being said, we still have some glorious additions, and 90% of them are invisible to the naked eye.


Massive bug fixes

Pretty self explanatory. Many, many bugs should be solved now, especially with the online features.


New animations and overall polishing

For example, with this update, when you press a button it will change colour and fly all around the place. Such a small addition, but I think it made the overall UI look much more finished.


New “How to play” page

When you first open the game, you will see a screen teaching you the basics about the gameplay and the UI. This screen will not come up again after you have seen it once. However, you can see it again by going to the “Help” page, and selecting the “How to play” option.