Electrilinked 1.0.0 update

After almost 2 years of Alpha, Beta, Release Candidate and Pre-Release versions, Electrilinked is finally released in 1.0.0 form. Thank you for your support!


There were multiple updates to the Pre-Release version that I haven’t written about in this blog. So I’m going to try to summarize it all in this post.


  • Important bugfixes.

Pretty self explanatory. There are multiple, very important bugfixes that have been released. For example, if you wanted to reset your progress, there was a chance that it just wouldn’t delete your save file. Now that problem is fixed, alongside with many others.


  • UI enhancements.

Finally gotten rid of many unnecessary animations, especially in the main menu. Also in many other screens, you can go back to the main menu just by pressing a simple button. Why didn’t I think of this before?

The “press and hold to go back” thing is much faster, too. So there’s that.


  • New levels

Both in the main game and the extra game. The extra level count is a nice round number: 50. Same with the main game, which now includes 80 levels.


Overall, I have added everything that was on my bucket list. Other than more levels, I don’t think I will be adding more features in the near future. So, what now?


The future

The next thing to do is to port Electrilinked over to Game Maker Studio 2.0. I have been working with the 1.4 version for a long time now, and it has served me well overall. However, with the new Google Play policies that will take effect soon, they’ll only accept 64-bit apps and games in the store. Game Maker Studio 1.4 is not able to build 64-bit versions of Android games. With GMS2.0, I will be able to use newer versions of Java Development Kit as well.

The port shouldn’t take a long time, but I am kinda worried about the extensions I am using to make Electrilinked not translating to GMS2.0 very well. But I should be able to fix these issues.

The development of Electrilinked will slow down overall, to make way to some other projects of mine. And I have some big plans.

This doesn’t mark the end of the development of Electrilinked at all though.

Thank you for your support and I hope you will keep enjoying Electrilinked!