Android Backup Manager

This product is on hold until further notice.


Sodiumworks Android Backup Manager is an automated backup and restore wizard for your Android device. Just connect your phone to your Windows PC, enable USB debugging (see tutorial), and initiate the backup or restore process in the program.


SWABM uses the Android Debug Bridge function called “adb backup” which is pretty much the only way of creating backups of Android devices without applying root or installing some kind of custom software that can void your warranty. However, it’s not very reliable either. Applications and manufacturers can block the usage of it, but again, if you don’t want to apply root, it’s about the only way of creating a backup file. If you have a device with an Android version new enough to create online backups, you can download your apps back when you reset your device or buy another one. Because of that, SWABM (or “adb backup”) should only be used to have a piece of mind.


Download for Windows PC 1.0.0


Sodiumworks Android Backup Manager includes “Android SDK Platform-Tools” from Google.