Hello. I am a guy who has been interested in game and general software development since.. I would say, around elementary school. Making a bunch of PowerPoint presentations (that I called “games”) when I was a kid, later on turned into fiddling around with batch files, trying to edit and translate already made video games, probably a whole bunch of other shenanigans that I am forgetting now, led to me discovering this program called Game Maker, and it has been a very enjoyable experience consisting of copying and pasting a whole bunch of code from very shady websites, trying to edit and connect them, failing miserably, and sometimes being able to come up with something that sorta worked. Now, since I was a very very professional person doing very very professional things, I thought I wanted a website to actually start releasing some garba-Very Professional Software(tm). So, I started this website during high school. Since then, a lot of great things happened, like getting actual emails from people giving me actual feedback, and also one of my programs called naBoota have appeared on a popular magazine called WebUser, upon hearing this news -from someone telling me via email- I have immediately imported a copy of that issue.

Hopefully you will enjoy some of the things I have made here, and years down the line, I will have something to look back on that will make me feel very fuzzy (or cringe) inside.

I am pretty easy to contact via email, Facebook, or Twitter, though I definitely prefer email. See the links above!

– Sodium

(written in 20 June 20)