Graphics made with:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Procreate (mobile app) powered by:

  • WordPress
  • Oblique WordPress theme



  • Open Sans (
  • Playfair Display (
  • Raleway (Electrilinked in-game, Android Backup Manager, Convertset)
  • Ubuntu (RUWA!)
  • Segoe UI (naBoota)


Electrilinked, ABM, RUWA!, Convertset and naBoota powered by:

  • GameMaker: Studio 1.4


Copyright notices:

  • Electrilinked, Electrilinked’s “E” logo, ABM, ABM’s logo, Convertset, Convertset’s logo, naBoota, naBoota’s logo and Sodiumworks’ logos (“S” in a square, and the full logo, including the square shape) are all created by Sodiumworks, and you can use them however you want. But, please do not show off the names, the logos, the assets and the products as your own, and create your own original assets if you want to make something that is truly your own.
  • Android, Google Play and their logos (Android robot and Google Play triangle) are trademarks of Google LLC.
  • Windows and its flag logo are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
  • Facebook and its “f” logo are trademarks of Facebook, Inc.
  • GameMaker: Studio and GameMaker are trademarks of YoYo Games Ltd.