Electrilinked TOS and Privacy Policy

Electrilinked Terms of Service

Creating hacked, modded, and generally modified Android package files and Windows executable files of Electrilinked and sharing them is forbidden.

If you use Electrilinked’s level editor, you must not use it to send hateful messages and symbols to others.


Electrilinked Privacy Policy

The social features in my products (Google Play Games, Facebook, etc) doesn’t give me, the developer any personal information and even if it did, I would not release it to the public and I would show the user’s privacy respect, as I should.

The code that gets created from the level creator function in Electrilinked, doesn’t include any personal information other than, of course, your level design.

The cloud save backup function in Electrilinked uploads your save file (“data.electrilinked”) over to sodiumworks.com. Currently, these files are not encrypted, but your save file does not contain any personal information. The only information it contains are things like your unlocked levels, your unlocked achievements, whether or not you have disabled shadows or not, etc. (The full list is provided below.*) However, with some tinkering around you can edit this file and upload it to the server. If you do that, that file will stay on the server, so if you enter personal information yourself, you shall not then complain about it. Sodiumworks will cooperate with the police as much as possible if one of those files happen to contain illegal information.

Any feedback or message that you send me will not be released to the public as long as the sender doesn’t allow it to be released.

*The information contained in your save file (“data.electrilinked”):

Electrilinked Plus state, “help page read” state, unlocked achievements, unlocked levels, unlocked extra levels, “animations” state, “shadows” state, “control scheme” state, “WiFi mode” state, “reset initiated” state, “privacy policy read” state