WARNING: Test version, might not be stable.

Flashkey will allow you to use one (or multiple) flash drives as a key to unlock your computer. Basically, it will generate a key file within your USB drive, and if it can’t find that file in any connected drives, it will lock your computer indefinitely, until you plug the key drive in.


Flashkey is a bit different from some of the other things I’ve released here. For one, you’ll notice that it has no GUI, meaning it’s text based. Still, it should be easy enough to navigate through. You won’t have to stare at it for too long. Also, it’s written completely in Python, which we started learning in school this semester. This is the first “actual releaseable project” I’ve done in Python. This means that I am very much an amateur, and the program is, let’s say, not of the highest quality.


It’s also not very safe. While it might save you from having to use a login password in Windows, it’s even easier to get around than a Windows login password. So, if you are very concerned about your files potentially being stolen, you should look into drive encryption methods, like BitLocker in Windows. Also, my crappy coding abilities might also mean it might malfunction, so you probably need to be prepared to hack your way in if things go sour. Still, I hope maybe that it will be useful for some.


Oh, and by the way, it’s also open source. But you can read it only if you agree to not send me hate mail on how badly it sucks. Other than that, please do contact me if you have suggestions, I am very much open to hearing from someone who, unlike me, actually knows what they are talking about.





Caution: Flashkey doesn’t include an auto updater like my other software. It’s also not portable and needs to be installed and uninstalled like any other program.


Download Installer for Windows v1.1

Source Code on GitHub